We are beyond honored and thrilled that the work of The Bennett Prize® 1 and 2 finalists, honorable mentions and “Storytellers”, an exhibition I co-curated in Australia, will be making history and going to the Moon! The Lunar Codex , a series of time capsules, is the most expansive, international and diverse collection of contemporary art ever launched to the Moon. It is organized by renowned scientist and author, Dr. Samuel Peralta. This is the first project to launch the works of women artists to the lunar surface.

“Storytellers” is part of The Peregrine Collection and will be on the first launch in July. It includes the works of 1200 fine artists. The Bennett Prize works are  part of The Nova Collection that will travel on the second launch on ULA Vulcan Centaur /SpaceX Falcon 9. The Lunar Codex includes works financed by Dr. Samuel Peralta, a noted art collector and supporter of gender equality. However, Samuel is perhaps best-known as the creator and series editor of the Future Chronicles series.

Bennett Prize co-founder, Steven Bennett recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Peralta for The Bennett Collection podcast.