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Terry Strickland

Artist Statement

"My realistic paintings begin as personal inspirations and narratives that are translated with oil paint into universal stories. There is one constant in my work as I explore life's transitions: a search for human connection and empathy, often bolstered by my model's compelling gaze."


Terry Strickland paints realistic, contemporary figure paintings that tell stories of the human condition. She works in an old master's style with a modern sensibility. Her concepts begin as personal narratives that are translated through her painting process into relatable paintings. She understands that realistic, figurative work has the power to foster empathy in those viewing it and creating it. Her TEDx Birmingham talk on the subject is on YouTube.A book about her award-winning portrait series, The Incognito Project, was published in 2012. Her paintings have received recognition from or appeared in: The Huffington Post, The Artist’s Magazine, Drawing Magazine, American Art Collector, The Art Renewal Center, The Portrait Society of America, International Artist Magazine, Huntsville Museum of Art, the Mobile Museum of Art, and others. Her art has been exhibited extensively since 2005 in galleries and museums throughout the United States.

Terry Strickland grew up in Florida and earned a BFA from UCF. She resides in the Birmingham Metro area. She exhibits through the Grand Bohemian Gallery, Mountain Brook, AL, and 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, IL.