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Suzanne Anan

Artist Statement

"The appearance of these works is as if each portrait is a character. There is a sense of drama, a feeling that something pivotal is about to happen or, is about to happen. These gazes are exchanged with the viewer as if the subject was captured in the moment."


American, Suzanne Anan is an award winning contemporary fine artist who exhibits her work in cities from Chicago to New York, as well as internationally from Paris to Tokyo. She works in all mediums, but prefers the unpredictabilty of painting, and the humility and vulnerability required in every stroke of oil on canvas. Her images are gloriously human, revealing the evocative expressions of her though provoking subjects. She studied abroad in Venice, Italy as part of an international program directed by Dr. Angiola Churchill and received her Masters Degree of Art from New York University.

Her art work was commissioned by corporations such as Johnson and Johnson and art institutions such as the Newark Museum. Her work has been added to the Ghost Ranch Museum Collection, New Mexico; The Bennett Collection of Women Realists; The Living Treasure Museum, Japan; and the private collection of Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell in Sussex, England. She is a member of the Salmagundi Arts Club in New York.