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Regina Jacobson

Artist Statement

"My work in fashion, a love for literature, and a curiosity about social and philosophical issues, all inspire a narrative body of work that examines our struggle as humans to be loved and accepted, versus our desire to rule and dominate."


Regina Jacobson was born in Los Angeles, CA and received both her BFA and MFA from Laguna College of Art + Design. A love for the narrative is obvious in Regina’s body of work that is influenced by fairytales, literature and scripture, an interest in human nature and 35 years in the fashion industry. Since 2001, Regina has participated in international exhibitions and competitions, receiving the Metropolitan Museum of Art Award at the Katherine Lorillard Wolf competition.

She has shown work and been a featured speaker at international conferences: TRAC 2019, “The Illusionists” 2019, and FIGURE THIS London, 2019. She has been a Finalist in both the Art Renewal Center and BP Awards. Publications include: American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, PoetsArtists, Figural Movement, Studio Visit and Post Modern Times. Regina has taken part in group shows in both galleries and museums in the US and is included in two university private collections and The Bennett Collection of Women Realists. Currently, Ms. Jacobson resides in San Luis Obispo in the center coastal area of California.