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Margaret Bowland

Artist Statement

“I have long been fascinated at how much we must disguise ourselves to be attractive. Do we then have a clue as to what we really look like or who we really are? Painting on skin is by intent a metaphor to expose basic questions of self-identity, which all people undergo internally as a part of the maturation process. It is also reflective of the last 500 years of global cultures, who sought to cover their women in make-up, powders, paints, even mud. This painting on skin dates from ancient times to the fashion houses of Paris, New York, and Los Angeles and in my paintings the subjects triumph.”


Margaret Bowland was born in Burlington, North Carolina and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Chapel Hill and has been exhibiting since 1984. Margaret's work has been displayed in New York, Miami, Denmark and Raleigh, NC. Bowland is current an Adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at the New York Academy of Art. She also was a featured lecturer in The Bennett-Schmidt Lecture Series on the Higher Aim of Art.