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Lesley Thiel

Artist Statement

"I explore our relationship with nature, and celebrate young women as future leaders who will help save the earth. Relying heavily on the symbolism of various elements of my compositions, I use clothing and headgear to delineate traditional restrictions pressed upon young women."


Lesley Thiel was born just outside London, England. She attended the University of London, receiving a BSc and PhD in Immunology. After a career in medical research, she turned to her first love: art. Her initial works focused on horses in motion and now encompass figurative realism and portraiture. Since 2005, her work has been featured in numerous international gallery and museum shows including: European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM); Salmagundi Club, New York; Sotheby's; Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art; Zhou B Art Center; Mall Galleries, London; and Terminal 5 Heathrow, London. Her work has twice been included in the Art Renewal Center Salon Tour, and is part of the Fred and Kara Ross collection and The Bennett Collection of Women Realists. She has won awards from Art Renewal Center, The Portrait Society of America, and International Artist Magazine. She has been published in American Art Collector, Hyperrealism Magazine, International Artist Magazine, PoetsArtists Magazine.