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June Stratton

Artist Statement

"I’m driven to create. Though years of experimentation I've taught myself to paint realism. It’s a fascinating challenge translating my ideas into physical form. This exhilarating high I'll chase for as long as I’m able."


Self-taught oil painter June Stratton (b.1959 Honolulu, Hawaii) is known for representational figurative oil paintings that incorporate the female figure with natural landscapes. Recent works incorporate gold leaf and handmade plaster (fresco-secco) casts. These casts are created from both the organic environment surrounding her studio and treasures the artist has collected over years. Large paintings may contain as many as 30 individual casts which are then gilded or painted with oil.

Her work is collected by art collectors and art galleries internationally. Select Collections include Bennett Collection of Women Realists, Texaco Incorporated, US Department of State, Bank of America, The Mayo Clinic, and The St Regis Hotel. Recently June was published in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Issue #26, PoetsArtists Figurative Realism, Issue #100. Also, American Art Collector, Cover, October Issue 2016. June Stratton’s studio looks over salt-water marshes a few steps from her home in a lush sub-tropical coastal area near Savannah, Georgia USA.