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Jennifer Gennari

Artist Statement


Jennifer Gennari is a classically trained figurative artist. She graduated in 2005 from Ringling College of Art and Design and in 2008 left for Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art. Jennifer spent three years there studying classical realism under renown Daniel Graves.

She returned to New York in 2011 worked as a painting assistant to Jeff Koons. Jennifer eventually left to pursue teaching at the National Academy Museum and School, the Long Island Academy of Fine Art, and currently instructs students privately from her studio in Manhattan. Jennifer has been painting animals since 2014 and is driven by a deeply rooted passion to elevate and legitimize the life we have with them. Her work is the definition of Labor of Love. Jennifer has written a book on drawing the human figure, and has also hosted an online class through Craftsy that instructs beginners on the techniques used in creating traditional portraits. Jennifer’s work is shown internationally and has received multiple awards and honors.