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Grace Henry

Artist Statement


(1868-1953) Grace Henry was a Scottish artist who studied at the Blanc-Guerrins Academy in Brussels and then went on to attend the Delacruze Academy in Paris. While in Paris, Grace married, Paul Henry, an Irish artist. She and her husband eventually moved to Ireland where they were founding members of the Society of Dublin Painters. Grace showed paintings in exhibits sponsored by the Society between 1922 and 1930. She experimented with different styles from the fauvist style (free brushwork and vibrant colors) to expressionism.

Grace Henry died in 1953. During her lifetime Grace’s work was largely overshadowed by the art of her husband.  However, her body of work was eventually re-examined in the 1970s and that led too much wider public recognition. She is now deemed to be a highly skilled Scottish painter, especially of landscapes, who can compete with other artists of this age.