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Dianne Gall

Artist Statement

“Working by the motto that 'Less is more and quality is all' the paintings are meticulous, cinematic, mysterious and highly colourised. They are constructions of a moment in time, leaving the viewer to ponder the possibilities of what might be happening in the scene.”


Since graduating with a BAFA from the South Australian School of Art, Australian painter, Dianne Gall, has been held over 25 solo exhibitions and exhibited in dozen of group shows, from New York to Sydney over her 40 year career. Gall, arrived at painting images of women in the early 2000’s to reflect her personal experiences as an observation of what happens both around her and to her, thus the imagery continues to evolve around this theme over time. She has been focusing on her current colourised femme noir paintings since 2012. Her large scale figurative paintings are held in prestigious collections all over the world including The Bennett Collection of Women Realists.