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Danielle Richard

Artist Statement

"My work, mainly of women and children, tends to depict an inner beauty for inner life…My art has been seen as within “realism”, expressing a poetic language that is optimistic and timeless…I do think that offering images of serenity, is a balm, if a humble one, in a world of struggles and anxiety."


Danielle Richard was born in Quebec in 1954. She received her formal training from Laval University with a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts. Ms. Richard has also studied at Atelier Donna Miro and Oxford University, England. She has exhibited widely in solo and group shows. She has received the First Prize (Prix Antoinette Stevens) at the 51st International Annual Exhibition in Toronto. Other awards include recognition from the Society of Canadian Artists, Art Renewal Salong, Plein Air Salon and the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada. Danielle lives and works in Quebec, Canada.