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Alexandra Manukyan

Artist Statement

"I work in different series that cover different themes, issues, and concepts, but the central theme that unites all of my paintings is human connection. The paintings examine what seem to be separate and isolated life experiences and look for the connections to, and impacts on, other people hidden in them."


Alexandra Manukyan was born and raised in Armenia. She graduated from Fine Art College, and subsequently State Pedagogical University, where she majored in Teaching Fine Arts. Upon immigrating to Los Angeles in 1990, Alexandra's focus turned towards fashion. She graduated from fashion school and worked in the industry as a designer for two decades. She also studied Graphic Design at various colleges. Her experience in graphic design gave her the opportunity to branch out into the entertainment industry by becoming a freelancer and creating movie posters for various entertainment agencies.

Alexandra began participating in numerous international, and local solo and group exhibitions in 2006. In 2012, Alexandra left the fashion and entertainment industries to focus on painting. Today, she teaches from her studio and creates artwork using the technical and creative experience she has gained over the years.